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How to start a job as an Instant Maths Tutor and earn £3,052 p/m – even if you are useless at Maths!

…And how YOU can use our Instant Maths Tutor Toolkit to provide Tuition to students all over the World thus generating your OWN Income, achieve financial freedom, and live life on your OWN terms!

Super Tutor Mark MacLain earns £300 per hour by working as a Maths Tutor!

Mark used to work part-time at a DIY store and was introduced to Maths Tutoring by a customer.

He is now charging £300 per hour for tutoring GCSE Maths. The British Maths Curriculum is in high demand globally and he has students from all over the world. Mark offers to teach international pupils via video calls.

“I work 4pm – 9pm on weekdays and 9am – 5pm most weekends” says Mark. Therefore, as a full-time Maths Tutor Mark averages £13,500 per week! 

Are you looking for a part-time job which requires no previous experience and pays fantastically well?

Dear reader,

My name is Maria Montessori and I am offering you the chance to change your life around for good!

Whether you are looking for a part-time job to subsidise your main income or looking to move into a new career, being a Maths Tutor could be an excellent choice! As a Maths Tutor you will be in high demand and sought after globally. Maths is the number one subject which almost all pupils need additional support with.

In the UK alone your potential market is 8.3 million students and a growing market worth £6 billion per annum – making it one of the world’s largest Private Tuition market.

We are offering you the opportunity to become an Instant Maths Tutor and earn an average of £750 per week working part-time. With our Instant Maths Tutor Toolkit you don’t have to be good at Maths – you just need to be able to follow our simple PowerPoints which go through each topic step-by-step. We will provide you everything you need to attract pupils and start delivering lessons straight away.

Advantages of becoming a Maths Tutor:

Highest Paid Subject and Most sought after

Life Long income as majority of population will need additional support

Opportunities to work abroad – British Maths Curriculum in high Global Demand.


Enjoy Life Long Income in an ever growing Market

If there is any career area that is growing massively right now, it’s tuition. And with Math tuition you have an area that just keeps getting bigger and bigger. It’s the most sought-after subject in schools because employees and colleges value it more highly than any other discipline.

On top of that, the sheer number of students in the country who need to achieve the right grade in Math is gigantic. Well over 8 million students in the UK alone need to prioritise there Math progress. So, the market is big and it’s only going to grow.

As if that wasn’t a good enough reason, Math is one of the few subjects that are truly international. You can teach it anywhere, earning respect and plenty of work simply because you help people with a major life skill.

In fact, Math teaching is a skill and career that can be with you for many, many years. Students will always need Math, and it is recognised by every country as a ‘core’ or ‘key’ subject.

So you will be part of a huge sector, with literally millions of students, and with a subject that is required all around the world.


Earning Potential

As a private maths tutor, you can set your own working hours however, most tutors hold their sessions after school and on weekends. It will depend on the age you teach as to how many hours this will allow you to fit in, however, you will probably be looking at the possibility of 3-4 hours per evening, five evenings a week.

You should be looking to make an average of £750 per week. Most of our tutors earn significantly more than this by providing grouped tuition with 3-6 pupils per group. Moreover, you can double your income if you don’t mind working on the weekends!

Although new tutors tend to start off by offering 1-2-1 services which is great however, this can limit your earning potential. It’s when you start providing grouped tuition can you really unlock your full earning potential!

 One-2-OneGroups of 6
Av. earning per pupil£25 per hour£15 per hour (totals £90 p/h)
Total earnings over 30 hours £750£2,700

As you can see, by providing grouped Maths Tuition you will quickly start earning significant amounts of money. You can start by offering grouped tuition at your home or you can hire out a small room in your local library, community centre or even church for as low as £5 per hour.

Hiring rooms at these venues are often hassle free and very cheap as they are public spaces and funded by the government. 

How to become an Instant Maths Tutor – even if you fear numbers?

Our Instant Maths Tutor Toolkit has been designed by fully qualified and experienced teachers including Leading Practitioners, Heads of Maths as well as Maths Examiners. Our expertly designed materials have everything you need to get started without any fuss.

The lessons come with teaching materials, practice materials and exam questions with worked solutions. They have been designed to be used straight ‘out-of-the-box’ saving you countless hours in lesson planning and preparation.

Our Maths Toolkit contains everything you need to get started straight away. 

It is designed to work straight out of the box by following the steps below:

  1. Open up the super organised excel file
  2. Choose the topic you want to deliver
  3. Choose a topic based activity you fancy!

That’s it! 

The slides are extremely user friendly. They contain step-by-step worked examples and progress by order of difficulty.

Each topic contains extensive differentiated questions to challenge pupils of all abilities.

You will find that these slides contain so much practice questions with worked solutions that you won’t have time for other worksheets or activities.

Our Tutor Toolkit is truly comprehensive and covers each topic in great detail.

Our Instant Maths Tutor toolkit includes:

Our ‘Instant Math Tutor’ book, which covers every single topic in Math. Using language that is clear and almost entirely free of jargon, you’ll take your first steps with this book

Slides that are packed with all you need, lesson by lesson. Rather than give you something that is more work than it needs to be, we’ve put together a set of slides that literally take you through the course. The work is differentiated too, so you can use the slides with both high achievers and the lower achieving clients too

Math activities that are topic-based. This keeps all the learning on the right track, and allows you to feel more confident as you spot themes and connections

A selection of ‘worked’ exam papers, which will allow you to test and support each individual learner

Along with that, you will also receive your own dedicated qualified Math teacher to help guide you along the way to your new career.


By sticking to private tuition, my rates have grown dramatically. I now charge £84 per hour standard, but have been requested at over £100. I only take on 5 students at most as my tuition company has now grown from humble beginnings to over 2 million sales per year.
Kabir Singh
Maths Tutor
I am tutoring Maths to supplement my day job and it pays for nice holidays etc. - the things teachers aren't supposed to have and am averaging £45-50 per hour. I have acquired clients purely by word of mouth and the advertising costs were £nil.
Sofia Childs
Maths Tutor
I failed my GCSE Maths and had to retake. Now I am a Maths Tutor! I earn at least £1,200 a month and work flexibly around my children in a job I love. Private tuition has completely changed our family’s life. Now work revolves around them, not the other way round.
Abigail Clarke
Maths Tutor


As you will appreciate the amount of man hours behind this Toolkit is tremendous. There were dozens of Qualified Teachers, Examiners and subject specialists involved in this project so it didn’t come cheap.

Moreover, this toolkit is the equivalent version of what majority of Qualified Maths Teachers use in state and private Secondary Schools.  So, with the Maths Tutor Toolkit, we are essentially giving you everything a Qualified Teacher Programme provides. 

Furthermore, with this Toolkit you will have a life-time income which you can use to provide Maths Tuition anywhere around the World! How many other jobs can make this claim?

If you were to train to become a Qualified Maths Teacher with a subject specific Degree, PGCE with QTS you would be looking to spend in the region of £39,000 – that’s just the course fees!

However, for a limited time we are offering  you this magnificent Tutor Toolkit not for the RRP price of £297 but for only £97!


That’s right! A Toolkit which Qualified Teachers paid £39k, is yours for

only £97!

60 Days Money Back Guarantee

You Can Say ‘Yes’ Now And Decide Later!

That’s right, for 60 days, I’ll let you take Instant Maths Tutor Toolkit, tear it apart and put it to the test…

Don’t miss out on the ultimate feeling of freedom… the kind that comes when you look back and just know that you’re free, that you got the job done, and that you will never have to return to the traffic, bosses, and BS. 

… Knowing that you’re in control… for GOOD!

Let us help you to get there once and forever!

Do Yourself That Itching Favor You Deserve!

Get Started Right Now!

100% “Love It or Leave It” 60 Day Money-Back Guarantee!

If you’re not totally thrilled with “Instant Maths Tutor Toolkit” for whatever reason at all, simply send me an email and I’ll cheerfully refund 100% your money with the click of a button.

You’ve got a full 60 days to try out the material. This is a no questions asked, no fuss money-back guarantee I like to adopt.


How to attract and retain students?

Becoming a Math tutor used to mean slogging around trying to find students, and then using a standard, dated set of books to teach them with.

That’s all changed, and with our complete content and marketing system, you’ll find clients, learn all you need to know to get started, and most importantly, be able to build and grow a profitable Math tutor business.

If you act now, we can also give you an incredible bonus that includes:

Our powerful marketing plan template, that shows you how to get customers quickly


Our comprehensive list of the biggest tutoring directories, that will give you a head start against the competition 


Powerful flyer templates that you can use as tutor marketing flyers



Looking forward to seeing you on the other side!

P.S. If you pass this up, you’ll find yourself still sitting there with that festering frustration and disgust!

1> Spending money and time with no results…

2> Feeling owned by your job with no real control

3> Having too much month at the end of the money once again…

4> Still having that horrible feeling in the pit of your stomach every Sunday night when the weekend hallucination of freedom comes to an end!

Do Yourself That Itching Favor You Deserve!

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