“Hi Montessori Tutors

Just  wanted to say a big thank you for the support and commitment that you have given to our son.

Since going to Montessori Tutors his confidence and attitude towards English has significantly improved. This has been due to staff and obviously, our son’s willingness to give Montessori a try.

Our son has always struggled with English since Primary School and we wanted to move away from the conventìonal learning environments and explore something different. We knew from the initial telephone call to Maria that Montessori was the right approach for our son. We haven’t looked back.

As a parent, you really want the alternate best for your children and tapping into the rich tapestry of Education gives that. It has been a long journey trying to find the right after school learning environment for our son; particularly one that response to his learning style and tempermant. We have finally  found that in Montessori.

Thanks again to the dedicated staff and we are excited about the continuous progress and success that our son will make towards his dreams and aspirations.”

Sylvia and Mike

“I have been looking for good private tutors for a long time in Edgbaston and now I am glad I have found Montessori Tutors. I am so happy with the progress my children have made in a relatively small space of time. Thank you so much!”

Sabirin’s Mother

“I was only thinking of trying you out for a month but now I am going to continue to send my two children to Montessori Tutors as they have made significant progress within a month.


My daughters teacher said she couldn’t read sentences properly or even put them in order but now she is doing really well.

Thanks Montessori Tutors!”

Maryam and Adams Father

“Psychologists in the US found that across a range of abilities, children at Montessori schools out-performed those given a traditional education.

Five-year-old Montessori pupils were better prepared for reading and maths, and 12-year-olds wrote “significantly more creative” essays using more sophisticated sentence structures.”

– The Guardian

“Particularly remarkable are the positive social effects of Montessori education…

They also displayed a “greater sense of community” at school.”

– Dr Lillard

“This is the ability to adapt to changing and complex problems, and is seen as an indicator of future school and life success.”